Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bike still not fixed...


Went to check back on my bike, the guy referred me to a bike shop down the street, dunno why he couldn't fix it (I guess he didn't know how?), but there was a problem with the spokes of the front wheel. Didn't get to the second bike shop with enough time to spare before closing time, so the guy there suggested I go to another bike shop the next day that'll be closer to where I was staying, since I was going to be moving on to stay with another couchsurfer.

Finding my way to Renee's place actually was a breeze. (WOW!) Anthony lives in Dublin 3, which is like northeast Dublin, and Renee lives in Dublin 2, south part of Dublin. It was around 5 miles, and my bike was in good enough shape to ride. One of the things I have been heavily depending on is my little mini-Dublin map that my couchsurfer had given me when I was in Wisconsin! It has really saved me while I've been here in Dublin!! My mini-compass has also tremendously saved me!!

One thing that HAS gone my way however, is the WEATHER! The three days I've been here it's been nothing but good weather. Sunny and good temperature. Gets chilly towards the evening, but during the day is ideal. I'm told by the locals that this isn't normal and that I've been really lucky, haha. But since the weather was nice, after I booked my ticket, I still had a couple hours until Renee returned to her apartment, so I decided to go to Phoenix Park and chilled out there.

The next day, I still hadn't gotten it completely fixed, but it's rideable, so I'm just hoping no catastrophes will occur. I went to the bike shop the lady at the Tourism Centre recommended, but they said the soonest they'd be able to get around to it was the following week. So I decided I would just continue to ride in the current condition. The spokes on the front wheel need adjustments... can that turn into a really bad situation?

The two parts of Dublin I have come to known well (or started to anyway): O'Connell Street and River Liffey. Point me in the direction of the river or O'Connell Street, and I will be able to find the rest of my way!! (well, maybe if you give me a compass and a map it'll help, haha.) Actually, there were a lot of times when I thought I didn't know where I was going, and then BAM, there's the river! And then I could figure out how to get where I wanted to.

Bike around Dublin: 21 miles

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