Friday, May 23, 2008

Only a compass to guide my way

I did a rail and sail thing. Rail to Harwich (east England), sail to Hook of Holland via overnight ferry, rail again to Amsterdam in the morning. Stayed in Amsterdam for a couple of days.

Amsterdam to Rotterdam

It took me over an hour to get out of Amsterdam. Of course I started using my google map directions, but when that failed, I resorted to plan B, which was to just start heading south using my compass. There were occasionally signs pointing to different cities, and had I known what cities were between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the signs may have been a little bit of a help. (I really need to replace my lost map.) But instead, I just kept heading south and southwest, in (what I thought was) the general direction of Rotterdam.

I came across a sign pointing to Utrecht, and started going in that direction because I thought maybe somehow it could work out going that way... but then texted Dinja to have her confirm my suspicion that Utrecht is much further east than I want to be. Rotterdam is more southwest of Amsterdam. East would be in a completely wrong direction. So then at the next possible intersection, I started heading in a different direction. This took me to more of the countryside and back roads.

I just kept looking at my compass and riding either south or southwest, just hoping I would end up in the right general direction.

Eventally, I found out what city I was in by asking someone on the street and went into a bookstore to look at a map. I was going in the right direction, YAY! After that all I had to do was follow bike path signs to Gouda and Rotterdam! Yes, it was wonderful, there are signs specific to bike paths leading to various cities.

So I was able to make it to Rotterdam!

It actually turned out to be a good thing I didn't follow my directions. Or else I wouldn't have had as scenic of a route as I did. Lots of open fields, lots of canals, lots of residential areas I passed through.

Oh, and I had my first incident of a bug flying into my mouth while riding. And I swallowed it. SICK!!!!!

Route (Amsterdam to Rotterdam): following bike paths going south/southwest

Bike: 59 miles

Bike around Amsterdam throughout stay: 17 miles

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