Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wayyy more mileage than necessary

Rotterdam to Antwerp

Well let's see. What should have been a 60 mile ride turns into a 90 mile ride. Am I really surprised. Not really.

Getting out of the Netherlands was relatively easy. There were bike path signs leading all the way to Belgium. Even to Breda, which is a city a little before Belgium in the Netherlands.

Oh, and it definitely started pouring basically once I got into Belgium. I didn't want to be as wet and cold as I was during my ride to Luton in England, so I decided to give my poncho a try. And it actually worked out well. I wasn't sure what it'd be like wearing a pancho while riding, so I didn't use it during my ride to Luton. But now that I know it really doesn't interfere with riding (besides minimal wind resistance), I will not hesistate to use my poncho in the future!

Anyway, so the hard rain lasted for about an hour (actually I have no idea because I have no sense of time when I'm riding... or ever haha), and then it let up and the sun came out.

So I made it to Breda, and there, as far as I could tell, the bike path signs that were so helpful abruptly disappeared. Oh! And I came across a street named after JFK--how random! Anyway, so in Breda, I started using my compass. Unlike when I used my compass to get to Rotterdam, the roads to Antwerp didn't always go in the direction I wanted it to. So I ended up going too far east, and then figured out a road that went southwest (or maybe just west, I don't remember) to get me on a road that went straight down south to Antwerp... or something like that. That probably didn't make sense anyway haha. Oh, and I passed through a street carnival (in a city I shouldn't have even been going through). One of the rides was called "American bump cars." With an American flag. But I liked how they distinguished bumper cars as being American haha.

Anyway, so eventually I found my way to Antwerp.

Route (Rotterdam to Antwerp): followed bike paths signs to Breda, then used compass

Bike: 91 miles

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