Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little assistance

Leicester to Bedford

Seb very kindly offered to drive me and my bike about 10 miles south in the direction I was heading, and I couldn't resist. It was in the area he works, and he had a bike rack for his car, how convenient! He relieved me of what would have been my longest ride so far on this trip. Not only that, but I really only had to follow one road from where he dropped me off, so it was a much easier route. I was able to make it to Florian's place right outside Bedford with really no problems!! Shocker, yay!

And I'm starting to think traffic circles are fun. I'm getting used to them, and it's great fun riding round and round the circles, haha. (There are lots of them here.)

Route (Leicester to Cranfield): A5

Bike 49 miles

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