Friday, May 9, 2008

Detroit Pistons logo in Manchester!

Liverpool to Manchester

Not gonna lie, the highlight of my evening was when I saw a Detroit Pistons logo in Manchester. First of all, an NBA team logo. Second, like really, of ALL the basketball teams, DETROIT?! It was extremely random, I was overly excited. Smaller logos of the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks were also present... which was kinda understandable. But Detroit? Never would I have expected. Therefore, extremely excited.

But let's see, the bike ride from Liverpool to Manchester = successful, so YAY!!!! It was nice to finally have my first ride in Europe. It was rather smooth, I was excited that there were bike paths practically the whole way. (A little different than the US.) I really didn't have any problems with the directions of the route... well, except for when I got into Manchester. But Amy was kind enough to pick me up from city centre so I wouldn't have any more difficulty!!

Route (Liverpool to Manchester): A580

Bike: 37 miles

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