Saturday, May 10, 2008


Manchester to Sheffield

Let's just put it out there. I immensely dislike hills. They are too much for me to handle, haha. But on the bright side, I was able to see some of England's country side. I went through a national park known as the Peak District. And it was hilly. And you know that it's apparent that you're struggling when a fellow cyclist going in the opposite direction asks you if you're alright. ahahaha. Yes, I was asked if I was alright. Not to worry, I was. It was just a continuous uphill battle, literally. And then the downhills came. Of course I much prefer downhills, but just as there were massive uphills, there were massive downhills. So much so that I was actually slightly braking nearly the whole time. Because otherwise I was afraid I'd be going too fast that my bike would start wobbling due to the weight on the back of the bike and topple over. The faster the bike goes, the more it seems to wobble. And I get scared. Had I not been braking, I probably could have consistently been topping 30 mph. Even while slightly braking I was going around 20 mph. That was how great the decline was. Eventually with a slight (unwanted) detour, I made it.

Oh, and it was confirmed that the street signs in England make it difficult to navigate. So it's not just me. I talked to this one English guy who totally agreed with me about the total possibility of getting lost because the signs just aren't always there. So this is why I have problems.

Route (Manchester to Sheffield): A57

Bike: 39 miles

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